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The city of Anchorage, Alaska conjures up warm summers due to the Pacific current, great fishing and sailing, and breathtaking vistas. Is that the reason the list of Anchorage homes for sale is dwindling rapidly? Anchorage has been a draw for mainlanders looking for something different for decades now. The city has every possible amenity available to a prospective buyer so it is not unusual to find Anchorage foreclosure homes being purchased quickly. Right now, real estate Anchorage is a very hot property.


The list of available Anchorage homes for sale has been dropping steadily over the past two years. The economy is picking up so newcomers are flying to the state in droves for a new start in life, and real estate Anchorage is happy to serve them. This is also why the list of Anchorage foreclosure homes is dropping quickly. Now, where will the kids attend school? The local public schools are excellent, and just think of the field trips that will be coming during the year. The city fosters more future marine biologists than anywhere else. The University of Alaska is excellent so the kids won't have to go very far to further their education. Oh, and did we mention the clean, fresh air that will be filling the little ones' lungs every day they are here? It isn't found anywhere else in the country. So, when newcomers move here, they can expect good value on their purchases and very healthy children growing up before their eyes. With very little pollution, some childhood illnesses may even disappear. Then, there are the cruises around the bay the family can take to see the local sights. Those local sights include the standard tourist destinations of the city panorama and the occasional crash of a cleaving iceberg. Less frequent is the dance of killer whales breeding out in the middle of the bay. Now, that is a sight to behold! Major entertainers visit Anchorage all the time so while searching through the list of Anchorage foreclosure homes, Anchorage homes for sale and real estate Anchorage in general, a side-step to see a local attraction or visiting entertainer is always a wise choice. Then, of course, there is always the Great Alaska Shootout, which is a college basketball tournament in Anchorage, for the sports fan in the family. Another option, of course, would be a sailing cruise through the bay. The wind at your back, the setting sun in your view and a breath of cool, fresh air in your lungs. Can life get any better than that?

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